Sold 1982 Bluebird Full Size School Bus Motor Home- No Seats!!

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Are you looking for a school bus to convert into your own custom skoolie? Well this 1982 Bluebird All American school bus may be just what you're looking for! This is a 13 row front engine school bus with all of the seats removed. This bus has had some early conversion work done to it and is looking for someone who will finish what's been started! The roof has been raised 18 inches and it now has an inside height of 90 inches, the inside length of the bus is 33 ft long, and the outside length measures 38 ft. The windows were removed when the roof was raised, however they are stacked in the rear of the bus. This bus has an MT643 Automatic transmission, and is powered by a 3208 V8 Caterpillar diesel 10.4 L, and equipped with air brakes. This bus runs and moves, however it's not drivable due to break issues. The air brake lines in the era this bus was manufactured were made of brass, and this bus has developed pin holes in the brake lines. This bus pumps air, however it can't build air pressure. The brakes are all caged, so this bus can be moved easily. This bus must be towed off the lot. It has already been titled as a motor home, which is wonderful if that's what you're looking to do with this bus. This bus would be ideal as a skoolie or a motor home. It would also would be great as a work shed, a "she shed", a lounge, or even a laundry room. Perhaps you need the driveline and are interested in this bus for that reason. Buses are easily convertible into whatever your needs or wants may be, the option is yours the possibilities are endless. This bus has a cash price of $2,500 and is not eligible for our layaway program. Come by BGA School Buses and stop in to see this bus today, perhaps you could make it into something special. We're located at 9538 State Rd 52, Hudson, FL 34669. Should you have any questions, please give us a call at 727-856-3000 and reference bus #2359. Let us help you find your bus today!

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