2000 Bluebird Flat Nose Front Engine School Bus for Sale in Hudson, Florida


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TC2000 FE
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Finding a good running school bus can be hard sometimes. At BGA School Buses we're dedicated to providing our customers with good running, clean school buses at better prices than the competition. If you're in the market for a new-to-you large capacity school bus, we have quite the selection. If you need a flat nose front engine school bus to facilitate your needs, then keep reading to hear about this great find. We have a lovely 2000 Bluebird TC2000 FE school bus with 13 rows of seating to accommodate up to 78 children or 52 adult passengers. With a top speed of 65 mph, this bus is powered by a 5.9L Cummins diesel engine. Easy to maneuver with it's front engine, automatic transmission, and air brakes. Equipped with some nice features such as it's heated mirrors, external light monitor, and a 90 gallon fuel tank- which is great for long trips. With much life left, there's currently 167,562 miles showing on the odometer. Perhaps the size you're looking for, this bus has an inside height of 73 1/2 in, an inside length of 32 1/2 ft, and an outside length of 37 1/2 ft. Priced to move at $7,650 cash or $8,500 layaway. This could be your next church bus, company bus, or conversion project into something great! Find inspiration at BGA School Buses and take this bus on a test drive. We're located at 9538 State Rd 52, Hudson, FL 34669. Open Monday- Friday 9 AM- 6 PM, and Saturdays 10 AM- 4 PM. We offer nationwide delivery as well as a handful of services to get your bus the way you want it. Questions, you can reach us at 727-856-3000. Let us help you find your bus today!

You can see more pictures, info & pictures @ http://wesellschoolbuses.com/2261/5.html

To see all of our available buses please visit: http://wesellschoolbuses.com


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