Are Tekton Hand Wrenches Good?


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I just wanted to show off some of the wrenches that I used to remove and reinstall the battery cables of my Ford F250 this afternoon. If memory serves, I used an 8mm and a 10mm. I may be wrong. The 8mm was for the side bolts that tightened the connector to the battery post and the 10mm was used to see if the wire connectors were tight enough. They were, so I didn't even have to use that larger wrench.

Here's what I want to know. Are these Tekton wrenches popular out there? Do a lot of people use them? What's the general consensus on their quality? I have both the metric and standard Tekton wrench sets and I love them. Every time I put one of them in my hand, I just feel good about it. The carrying clips aren't bad either. They're rubbery and the wrenches fit in pretty snug. I hang the entire sets on my wall with two screws each.

So, what are your feelings about this brand of wrench? I love them. How about you? I bought each 15 piece set for around $35 on a few years back. I'm happy with my purchase. This brand reminds me of Snap-On a lot.


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