Is There Supposed to be Flex Movement in a Breaker Bar?


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I bought a pretty sweet 24" Neiko breaker bar from a few years back and have only used it a few times. It's awesome for breaking lug nuts when you have to rotate or change tires. At two feet long, there's not many nuts or bolts that can withstand that sort of loosening or tightening torque. This is the first breaker bar that I've owned and I'm thrilled with it.

My question is, are you supposed to feel flexing in the breaker bar head? Or movement? As I was tightening up some lug nuts for my rims this afternoon, I held onto the end of the bar as well as the head, to keep it steady. As I tightened, I felt some slight movement in the joint of the bar. I looked at the joint and I saw that only one small rod was holding the entire thing together. Now, that rod may be super strong; I don't know. My question is basically if anyone else has every experienced this. Will the breaker bar break or snap if I put too much force on it? Any advice would be appreciated. I posted some photos below.


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I have a few different breaker bars that I've picked up through the years. It depends on how they're constructed, but I'd say they all flex a little. Yours has the head surrounding the rod, so you would probably be able to feel any movement more, but if it were on the inside, like some of what I own, you can't feel it as much. Doesn't mean it's not happening. Nice tool though.
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