Is the Dewalt Mechanic Tool Set Any Good?


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I bought the 192 piece Dewalt socket set a few years ago and I really like it. There are enough sockets in it to handle most jobs and I like the feel of the tools in my hands. They're smooth and they have a very nice chrome finish. I'll attach some pictures of this set below. I especially like the fact the set offers 1/2 inch drive, 3/8 inch drive and 1/4 inch drive socket wrenches, extensions and sockets. It also comes with some hex (allen) wrenches and sockets too, but I haven't used any of them yet.

I can say that the set is good. I like it a lot. The sockets fit tightly on the bolts that I've loosened and tightened and everything just feels like it's high quality.

What are your opinions on Dewalt mechanics tools? Could a professional use them? Yes? No? If no, why not? I'm curious.

DEWALT DWMT75049 Mechanics Tools Set (192 Piece) photos below.


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I love Dewalt mechanics tools. I have a few different sets of them now and I'm almost ready to buy them exclusively. They're real nice, but the problem is, so are a lot of other tool brands out there today. It seems like everything is looking like Snap-On these days. Just not as expensive.

If I were a professional mechanic, I'd give the Dewalts a try. I'm not into my appearance and I'm not proud. I'd rather keep my pay as opposed to spending it all on the seemingly most expensive tools in the world. In my opinion, Dewalt tools are a great value and at just a few hundred bucks for a big set like the one you've got here, you can't go wrong. That's my two cents.
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