Why are My Car Wheel Hubs Rusting?

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Apr 25, 2019
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I own a 2009 BMW 328xi and I recently rotated my front tires because of uneven tread wear. After I jacked up the car and removed the lug nuts from each side front, I had a bit of a problem actually getting one of the tires off. The passenger side came off easy, but the driver's side didn't. I had to use a sledgehammer to remove it. I bounced the hammer off the tire a few times and it finally came loose. After looking at the hub, I saw what the problem was. It was all rusty in there.

When I say "hub," I mean the center part of the wheel assembly, where the tire rim is mounted. It's also where the front CV joint gets bolted to the spindle. I pretty much already know that the steel is rusting because of all the salt on the roads and the lack of water that gets in there to clean things out, but I'm wondering if this is normal. Do all wheel hubs rust like this?

To fix the situation, I cleaned the rust off the wheel hub and then I brushed some Fluid Film undercoating on. I have a five gallon bucket of the stuff that I apply to my vehicles and I figured this was as good of a spot as any to put some on. It brushed on nicely, so I'm hopeful that it will keep the metal protected from rusting even more.

Take a look at the photos in this post. One of them is of the hub before I added the Fluid Film and two of them are of the hub afterwards, or during. Let me know what you think.


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Why are My Car Wheel Hubs Rusting? was posted on 08-16-2019 by KodyWallice in the Discussion forum.
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