1. jessicaBGA

    2000 International AmTran Rear Engine 84p School Bus

    Are you in the market for a full size high top school bus equipped with curbside basement storage? Look no further than this lovely bus! This 2000 International AmTran RE is a 14 row rear engine school bus with the capacity to seat up to 84 children or 56 adults. With a top speed of over 75 mph...
  2. jessicaBGA

    2001 International Genesis Front Engine School Bus

    Absolutely love the front engine flat nose school buses? Are you looking for a nice, clean bodied one for you and your family to make into your very own skoolie? Maybe you're planning on traveling the USA in comfort. If so make sure to check out this 2001 International Genesis Front Engine...
  3. jessicaBGA

    1995 International Bluebird 11 Row School Bus

    Are you looking for a school bus for a DIY project or perhaps for your business? Check out this 1995 International Bluebird. This is an 11 row school bus with the capacity to seat up to 65 children or 43 adults. Capable of traveling at 64 mph, this bus is powered by a T444E V8 diesel engine, and...
  4. jessicaBGA

    2001 International 7 Row School Bus + Wheelchair

    Have you been looking for that perfect small conventional style school bus to make a skoolie out of, or maybe for your transport business? Look no further than this 2001 International AmTran 7 row school bus! This bus has a the capacity to seat up to 27 children or 18 adults, and 1 wheelchair...