1. KodyWallice

    2003 Mercury Marauder For Sale

    2003 Mercury Marauder with 17,258 Miles The Marauder is a nameplate that was used three different times by Mercury on distinct full size cars fitted with the most powerful engines available at the time. The first generation was available from 1963 to 1965 and the second from 1969 to 1970. After...
  2. S

    Smoken 2003 Mercury Marauder S/C only 4,610 miles

    Original Owner: Black/Charcoal, 300A Mercury Marauder S/C; Extensive modification by Trilogy Motor Sport, Trilogy #010 Eaton M112 Roots Supercharger/3.2 inch pulley, Dyno-meter results, Intercooler system with reservoir, Boost and Fuel pressure gauges mounted on the A pillar, replace original...